Why Hinge It?

The hinge overcomes three problems with conventional rings. First, the "fat knuckle" is resolved by allowing the ring to be placed below the knuckle-joint. Second, the ring is inherently safe, and is designed to never get stuck on your finger. Third, the band can be easily removed and clasped to your belt, keys, or even water bottle so that it is never misplaced.

Our Additive Products

The Origin

Hinged -- $305.00


The Lattice

Cobalt Chrome -- $375.00

Cobalt Chrome

Custom Wedding Bands

Starting at $800 
Lead Time 4-6 Weeks


The One

For Someone Special -- $375.00

Cobalt Chrome

The Mixture

Mix-and-Match any two combinations of Tailored Alloys' Wedding Bands -- $425.00

Mix and Match

Success is Best Shared

Tailored Alloys, LLC, was formed by Mr. Hunter Taylor and Dr. Laszlo Kecskes. They are driven to solve materials-based problems in energy sectors, space, manufacturing, and defense by leveraging their experience in material sciences and engineering to create better materials. We at Tailored Alloys bring technical expertise, experience, and above all else, enthusiasm to solve any challenge we encounter with the intent to satisfy our customers, and more broadly, improve the lives of everyone we interact with.

Check out our NSF Research

Additive Manufacturing of High Conductivity - High Strength Copper - Based Alloys

NSF Grant


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